Saturday, April 4, 2009

Party Dress

So our engagement party is THREE weeks from tonight. I realized the other day that I probably should start thinking about finding a new dress for the party. On Friday two friends from work and I went out shopping during lunch. I wasn't even thinking about the dress....but they had two racks of spring dresses. I remember touching one of the dresses that I liked the colors on, but it was some stiff material so I walked away. While Dominique made a 2nd trip into the dressing room I started to wander about the store again....and this dress just called out to me. I grabbed it and headed for the dressing room. The reaction of Dom and some stranger as I walked out of the dressing room was enough to seal the deal.

It's very light weight and comfortable. I LOVE IT!!

You'll have to check back after April 25th to see pictures of me in it! :-)


Lori in SC said...

Very pretty, I love it too.

all4sydney said...

Beautiful dress Tammy!!