Saturday, February 14, 2009

Color, Color and more Color

While surfing the internet looking for ideas for my scraproom I found myself drawn to the beautiful pictures posted by people that group their embellishments (Ribbon, Primas and Buttons) by color. I decided that in my new room I wanted to do this. So I started looking for jars/bottles. I knew I was going to want different sizes and that I'd want them all to match (in some areas, this being one of them, I have a major case of OCD). I couldn't find one "set" that I liked in the stores. So off to the internet we go.
I found several bottle/jar manufactures that would sell in what I considered small quanties (hey they weren't asking that you buy 100 of each or spend a gazzillion dollars with them so I was good). Then the overwhelming task of glass or plastic, what shape, what color lids....oh my!!

I finally settled on plastic (thank you Olivia) - no breakage and portable! :) I found some cool square jars in three different sizes. I ordered all three sizes - 4, 8 and 16 ounces. The smallest quanity I could get of each size was 24...not too bad. With shipping it came out to $1.30 a jar. Not bad at all. So the box arrived yesterday. A tad larger than I envisioned, but light as could be - another advantage to plastic.

So today came the task of sorting my primas (for those that don't know those are flowers), buttons and ribbon. Thanks to my dear dear best friend Beth things went pretty quickly.

The cute "starbucks" bottles of Primas I just couldn't seperate. As I use them I'll eventually decide there isn't enough in the bottle anymore and put them in the color jars. And the Paint Can one has some BIG flowers in that just didn't fit right in the plastic jars so they stayed in their original home as well.

We have now learned that I have TWO, or maybe it was THREE PURPLE buttons! Yep that's it...need to go hunt down some purple buttons. Oh and Yellow/Orange buttons - non exsistant in my collection. Some colors needed two of the large jars to hold all the Primas. And with the ribbon I used the medium and large jars - depending on how much I had for that color. I have tons more ribbon - but just sorted out the part that was in my ribbon purse thingie.
If you are interested in the company I bought the jars from check out SKS Bottle. I ordered on Sunday night and had them by Friday.

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