Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Clear Stamp Storage

Well my clear stamp collection continues to grow, and grow and grow (it's all Beth's fault). I was up to three rather large, stuffed to the max 3-ring notebooks. While plotting out my scraproom I wanted a different way to store my clear stamps. I remembered that folks in our call center in the Phoenix office had these desktop "binders". Basically a 3-ring notebook (a rather large one mind you) that was always on their desk and easy to flip through. Off to the internet I idea what this thing is called....I started with office supply websites and doing searches on various names, no luck. UNTIL.....
It was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered it two weeks ago and it arrived Friday with the jars (see previous post). Good mail day yesterday!! Hehehe
I ordered the basic ScrapRack with 7 Spinders to get started. And the pack of 15 dividers - figuring the larger size would work better than regular dividers that aren't always wide enough for some of the photo pages, sheet protectors, etc.
I sat down and decided on my categories and organized all my acrylic stamps today. WooooHooo
It fits very nicely on one of the EFFEKTIV cabinets from Ikea. And all my stamping accessories are stored in that cabinet so it's all grouped together....making my "OCDness" very happy! LOL I may do some more research on the pockets that they sell for the embellishments (they have many different varieties with various combinations of different pocket sizes) and see how my stamps will work in those. But for now I'm THRILLED with how this is working. So far I have 5 spinders used...and see the need to divide one or two of them in the not so distant future. I'm just using the original sheet protectors, photo pages and baseball trading card pages I was using in my binders.
I'm so excited as this is going to make my stamps so much easier to use. I'm going to put pages in each section of indexes for my stampin up stamp sets as well so that as I'm "browsing" I can see all my stamps in one place!

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