Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cart Organization....

I had outgrown my current storage system for the overlays that come with the Cricut Cartridges. I saw an idea on the message board for making dividers so figured I'd give it a try.

I found this cute box at Michael's that's the perfect width for the overlays. Thanks to Leanne for helping out by taking my call and measuring the overlay while Beth and I were at Michael's shopping last week. :)

The lady that posted this idea posted a cut file, but the dividers weren't quite big enough for my box. So I tweaked it a bit. So proud of myself. I used some old manilla folders to make them. Even cut the inserts with my cricut and then used my label maker. I made them a tad taller than the box - knowing I probably wouldn't put the lid on it. This made it easier to flip through. Brads hold the label.

Sometimes it's hard to visualize the size of the fonts, or how they will look. So I cut samples from 1" to 3" and glued to the front of the appropriate divider. I plan to cut some shapes out of the shape carts to decorate the front of the other dividers.

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Leanne said...

Hey Tammy! Love this storage idea. I need to come up with something to. Also, I liked how you cut out the different sizes of fonts. That was smart thinking! I have got to take time to reorganize!