Sunday, January 25, 2009

Designing Scrappers Paradise

So in my last post I mentioned that IKEA has software to help you design the room with their furniture. Here are a few screenshots of the room design.

This one shows the room as if you were looking through the walls. On the right are the original bookcases that were in the room. It's hard to see with this shot, but under the window is the desk and then the ALEX unit that I got from IKEA. It only comes in white, so Troy is painting it black for me. Have I said what an awesome Fiance he is? He's definately a keeper. :) Okay back to our tour of the room....on the left in the "back" is the EXPEDIT (2X4) with the desk they now have that you can attach to it. This will be the Cricut station. Then there are three cabinets from their EFFEKTIV system. Two will have doors and one is open shelves. The open shelves will hold my paper holders. On top will be the Cuttlebug station. I'm putting shelves above this stuff - just not quite sure what I want yet, so waiting until I get that wall of furniture in place to decide. Then in the middle is a dining room table from IKEA that will expand to accomodate my dear friends when they come over to scrap. And even found some cool and comfy dining room chairs at IKEA for the table.

So that's the planning. I, being the OCD person that I am, have a word document with the various pictures from the software pasted in and then notes about what is going where.

So here is the floorplan. Above the Dining Room table the TV is hung (another Troy project - thank you sweetheart).
Stay tuned - more to come as the transformation continues.

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