Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why have a guest room when you have no guests??

So I've finally decided that I WANT A SCRAPROOM!! The dining room table has been great as it gives us room when the girls come to scrap. Though we've expanded to TWO white folding tables and sometime even a card table. But - I'm tired of either looking at the clutter (when I leave everything out) or putting it all away. I've also outgrown the Coat Closet we original converted to my scrap storage.

So....Why do you need a guest room when you have no guests?? Granted mom has been out to visit a few times and one or two other people may have stayed, but that's it in the two years I've lived in the house. So I made the decision that the guest room was going to be converted to my new Scraproom....Scrapper's Paradise we are calling it (Thanks Beth). We have a nice queen size air mattress (even one that is up off the floor) for anyone that wants to come visit, so guests are still welcome. :-)

So then the task began....designing the new scraproom. Oh what fun this was. I already had 4 bookcases in the room that are black, so knew I wanted to go with the black (or black/brown) furniture so it all matches. And Troy's desk is also the "black/brown" so we swapped desks. For the rest IKEA here we come! Did you know they have tihs really cool program that allows you to design your room using their furniture? It's AWESOME!! Pictures in next post

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