Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everything is in the room - WooooHoooo

WOW it's been a busy day. We got up this morning and tackled putting the table and chairs together right after breakfast (I made Troy pancakes to butter him up for the work I needed him to do today Hahaha). LOVE LOVE the table and chairs.

So all the furniture was finally built and the fun began....carrying all my SCRAP CRAP upstairs. Who knew I could have so much stuff crammed in a closet that was like 3 ft by 8 ft. After a gazillion trips up the stairs everything is finally IN the room. And for the most part organized pretty good. Here's some pictures....still lots to do, but it's coming together.

First picture - looking into the room from the door.

Opposite end of the room looking towards the door. TV mounted right over the scrap table.

This is looking into the closet. We installed the Closet Maid Shelf Track system and I used the shelves I had downstairs in the closet. Funny thing - this closet is the same size as the one EVERYTHING was stored in before. To the left is my HP photo printer and Dell color laser printer.

The bookcases. Far left - my Stampin Up stamps, then my other wood mounted stamps, some notebooks with inpiration ideas in them, Xyrons, my "cutting" shelf with scissors, paper trimmers, CM shape cutters. The next bookcase is probably going to be "embellishments" and then the little one is all my primas and buttons. Then the Rails from IKEA for my punches.

The "storage wall". The end two cabinets will have the frosted glass doors on them (tomorrow) and then the midle one will be left open. The middle is where all my cardstock and paper will be stored. Then the left one is cuttlebug printed paper/cardstock and some other misc. Then the right one is my stamps cabinet - inks, embossing powders, etc. The top will be cleaned off to use as work space when using the Cuttlebug and paper gator, etc.

The Cricut Station. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I used the Expedit 2X4 with the desk that attaches. I have a set of LACK lights that attach to the top of the Expedit to shine light down on the Cricut Table. Used the BYGEL Rail with one of the plastic cups they have (99 cents gotta love it) to hold the tools, and then S hooks to hold my mats. In the expedit cubes are a cool box I that fits the overlays perfectly. I made dividers. More about this further down in my blog. I also have the booklets printed and in binders, then the carts are in the Plano Flipsiders. Underneath is a plastic storage cabinet that I got at J's last year - it's now empty but fit there very nicely.

The Alex - Troy painted it as it only comes in White. Looks great. It houses my office supplies in the top drawer. Prisma pencils and blending stumps in the next one, Other pens and markers, then Ribbon, embellishments and in the bottom drawer my various adhesive refills and blade replacements for various tools.

So that's my room. I'm so excited!! Can't wait to finish organizing and play!!
Thanks for stopping by! Check back for my updates! :)


all4sydney said...

Congrats Tammy!!!! It is awesome!!

~ŠǿƒŧβŖñ™~ said...

Even though I have a room.. I am very jealous!..

Kopperhead said...

Your space looks very nice. Good job....Now you enjoy crafting in it!

Luv2stamp said...

Isn't it exciting to finally get your own space the way you want it?!! Congrats and enjoy crafting in it.