Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Dog and her Bed

Monday night it was time for bed...Happy was in the craft room with me, Cue-ee was curled up on the end of our bed. But Annie was no where to be found. I called for her, nothing. Figured she was down on the couch. I washed my face and prepared for bed. When I was done still no Annie. Called for her again, nothing. I put Cue-ee in his crate and headed to my side of the bed to turn on the light so I could turn off the overhead light before crawling into bed...figuring Annie would eventually appear or Troy could crate her when he got home from playing pool. This is what I happened upon as I walked to my side of the bed.........

That blue/green cushion and the blankets are her "bed" - which is normally located in her crate. But Troy had washed them the other night and we forgot to toss them in the dryer. So we put the dog bed from downstairs that her and Cue-ee share, and some towels in her crate that night. When I brought her bedding back upstairs over the weekend I just dropped it in the stack of baskets. The girl apparently likes her matter where it's located!!

I busted out laughing at the sight of her....then made a run for the camera. She gave me a dirty look like "how dare you take my bedding away". I had to literally DRAG her off the stack to put it back in her crate. As soon as the cushion was in the crate so was she. Then I covered her with her blankies....she's like her momma and loves to be covered up. She's now a happy puppy again!


all4sydney said...

LOL too funny!!

~ŠǿƒŧβŖñ™~ said...

Now.. that's too cute!.. Poor Annie..