Friday, June 5, 2009

ST Thomas - Dorothea Beach where we stayed

I know everyone has been wanting to see pictures from our trip. Sorry for the delay...the day after we got home I came down sick and am just now bouncing back.

Thursday - Arrival Day

Our flight was about 30 minutes late leaving ATL. Nothing like delaying paradise. The majority of the flight was bumpy. But we finally arrived. We had rented a condo on Dorothea Beach (a "rural" part of the island it said in the listing on Patty and Peter the owners of the condo where there to pick us up at the airport. It was nice to not have to deal with the rental car at the airport (bad experience last year).

Off to the condo we go. We drove through parts of the island that did not look familiar (not only to me, but to Troy too). And eventually Patty started pointing out a few landmarks as we approached the road to the condo. We turned on the "road" was bumpy, windy and steep. No wonder they said we'd need a jeep. But in the end it was totally worth it. Here are some pictures from the beach.

This is from the lawn outside the condo. Yes we were THAT close to the water.


And here I am so excited to be on the beach.

Troy hiked out to the end of the points on both sides of the bay during our trip and this is one of the pictures he took looking back towards the condos.

There are plenty more....we (well mostly Troy) took close to 2,000 this trip. Yes he's a bit obsessed. :)

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all4sydney said...

WOW!! I think I would have had to move in with Troy's family because I would not be able to leave ;) SO BEAUTIFUL!!!