Friday, June 5, 2009

St Thomas - The Family

For those that know us - Troy was raised in St Thomas till he was about 14. So St Thomas is not only a vacation for us, but a chance for him to see the family that is still on the island. His mom's parents, her two brothers and many other relatives are still on the island. It's funny how many family members come out of the woodwork when you ask your future MIL for addresses for the wedding. :)

"Amigo" - Troy's Grandfather

Granny - I swear that if I went digging through the old pictures Troy gets the same pose from Granny every year. For being in her mid-late 80's she's a fiesty one.Granny and her Sister Noel

One of Troy's Cousins little girls - I'm still learning names. She's Uncle Moe's grand-daughter and he has her spoiled rotten (though he won't admit it LOL). She's shy at first but then a total ham after you are around her for a little bit.

Her little brother. He was such a happy boy. And so many faces

The newest addition to the family. She was born in February.

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