Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vision Award

I have many updates to post - not sure I'll get them all done tonight, but here's one I'm especially proud of.

Our company presents annual awards they call "Vision Awards". There are several different categories, mostly around customer service, operational efficiencies, etc. They are normally given to project teams. Well MY TEAM won the 2008 Vision Award for a project that we worked our butts off on for the last year and a half or more (lots of travel, many sleepless nights on support calls, and some very long hours).

The awards banquet was back in April, and is attended by upper management so I wasn't there. :( That's okay it was black tie and all that fancy stuff. But they did put together a very nice dinner for the teams that were involved in the project. And we received our very own Vision Awards during the dinner on Monday night.

Troy tried to photograph it...but it was tough. It's glass with the gold accents and then the award name, etc and MY NAME are etched into the glass. It's very cool.

I'm debating if I take it to work and put on my desk (our cleaning people are not the carefullest of folks) or put it here at home in the China cabinet - which holds no china! :) It would have a nice home among the Snoopy and Captain Morgan items. LOL

So that's been my excitement for the week.


Leanne said...

Congratulations! I know you worked very hard and so deserved this!!

Rebecca Johnson said...

Congrats! It's nice to have public recognition sometimes.

all4sydney said...